The United Hispanic Council

of Tarrant County

The UHC meets with the city's Race and Culture Task Force

In early March, members of the United Hispanic Council (UHC) and other individuals, met with members of the city's Race and Cultural Task Force (RCTF). There were more than a dozen attendees along with Rosa Navejar, Charles Boswell and Fernando Costa from the RCTF. The intent was to present concerns and ideas with regard to the Hispanic community, yet much of what was discussed was centered around fair and just policies needed for the future welfare of the city. The members of the task force listened attentively to our input, answered questions and recorded some of the comments. We appreciate this opportunity to provide input and feel our views were understood by the panel.

Attendees brought up a number of issues, and highlights of the discussion included exchanges regarding,

-Concern over the increasing perception of the City Council falling more and more into partisanship.

-Changing the city's method for redistricting; promoting the employ of non-partisan commissions or Geo-redistricting.

-Fair and representative hiring at the City of Fort Worth, that embraces diversity and strives to hire a workforce that is representative of the peoples living in the city. The city's administration should provide real opportunity for minorities, by hiring and promoting them to serve in senior level positions.

-Although, not opposed to new development, the city should explore opportunities to renovate older neighborhoods as to preserve their character and history, while sure-ing up the areas tax base.

The meeting was organized by UHC member, Fernando Florez. After the meeting, Fernando wrote, "Meeting with Fort Worth's Race & Culture Task Force went very well; [but] there is still time for you to provide input to them." He was referring to the number of upcoming public meetings the task force is scheduled to hold in the coming weeks. In addition Fernando urged attendees to keep up with the actions of the task force again writing, "If our proposals, or some of them, make the final cut and are presented to the city council, our job will be to hold the mayor and council accountable and hold their feet to the fire". We will be reporting on the final conclusions and recommendations the task force makes.

You can go online at for more information about the task force. As mentioned, the task force will be conducting various meeting at various locations during the spring.

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